What part of the building is available for rental?

All 1,800 square feet of Harriet Place is available for private use for you and your guests, including multiple social rooms, a conference room, galley kitchen, cell phone room, and storage room. You will be the only client in the space, which means you can spread out and relax and set up and use the rooms as you would like.

How many guests can the space accommodate?

For social events where guests will be standing and mingling throughout the whole space, 40-50 maximum will feel comfortable. However, part of the space can be closed off if you would like a more intimate group of 10-20 in the front social rooms. For more business type events, our conference room/table seats 8, however our middle social room can be set up with work/dining tables to accommodate 12 people at one large table, or 24 people at four separate tables.  It’s recommended to come in and see the space to figure out how it will work best for you.  Please be aware that there is one single use handicap-accessible bathroom for all guests to use.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there are two private parking lots for the building – the larger lot on the east side of the building accommodates 7 cars and the smaller lot on the west side of the building accommodates 4 cars.  There is ample street parking on Bryant Ave South and 46th Street as well.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes, there is a galley style kitchen that features a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and toaster oven.  For catered events, the caterer can bring in hot boxes to keep food warm until serving.  For non-catered events, food will need to be warmed via microwave, toaster oven and/or chafing dishes.

Are there digital capabilities?

High speed Wifi is available throughout the building, as well as Apple TV on two large screen TVs to stream video and/or Power Point or other presentations.  A Sonos music system is also available throughout the building and clients can download the Sonos app onto their phone to play music from their chosen music service (i.e. Spotify, Pandora, etc) or from a playlist on their phone.

Are there any restrictions? 

We ask that you refrain from putting nails or tacks into the wall or using confetti, glitter or rice. Wax candles are allowed only if they are in glass containers to ensure no wax spillage.  There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the building or on the property.

Is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is permitted for private events and guests that are 21+. The sale of liquor at Harriet Place is strictly prohibited.  Reference the Rental Contract for more details.

Can I set-up a tour? Can I see the space at anytime?

Yes, we recommend that you come in and tour the space so we can discuss your event and how you would like the space set up. All tours must be scheduled prior to visiting as we are not always at the building. Tours can be set up by emailing susan@harrietplacempls.com.

What is required to reserve a date?

When inquiring for a date, we will put your name down as a soft hold. A soft hold is two-week hold, no cost, during which if anyone else expresses interest in booking the date, we reach out to you first.  You then have 24 hours to book or release the date.  In order to reserve a date, you must pay 50% of your rental fee and we must receive a copy of the signed contract.  An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent to you shortly after your event.

What is the rental period? Does that include set-up and tear-down?

The rental period is the time you plan to first enter the building until the time you plan for everyone (include the hosts/renters) to leave.  That means you will need to take into account the time needed for set-up and tear-down during the time frame you select for your rental.

Can I access the space during anytime during the day of my rental?

Due to our small size/staff, we can only allow you to utilize the space during the time stated on your contract.  We will plan to meet you at the space to let you in at the start time, and then will plan to return to the space to shut down and lock up at the end time.  If the caterers plan to arrive before you to prep the space/food, that will be the start time designated on your contract and we will arrive to meet them at the designated time.

What about cleaning fee?

We will add a $80 cleaning fee to your final bill to have the space professionally cleaned after your event. This allows us to turn around the space and provide it to the next client as clean as it was provided to you.

What does it cost to rent Harriet Place?

Weekdays: Minimum of 3 Hours – Available between the hours of 8 am – 10 pm – Hourly rate - $100

Weekends: Minimum of 3 hours – Available between the hours of 8 am – 11 pm – Hourly rate - $125

How do we make a payment?

You will be invoiced via email  -- 50% will be invoiced at time of booking; the remaining balance and cleaning fee will be invoiced right after your event.  Payment must be received upon receipt of invoice.  We accept credit cards via PayPal.

If and when do you charge for the security deposit? 

If furniture, accessories, space, etc is damaged you will be charged after your rental to the credit card on file for the amount of repair or replacement. You will be notified before you are charged.

We do not offer full refunds.  If you need to cancel, you will receive a 50% refund if you cancel within 21 days before the event.  After the 21 days, no refunds are made.

Can I get a refund?